3 ene. 2008

Mi vida en horóscopos.

No leo los horóscopos diarios, ni los de los periódicos ni revistas del corazón. Soy fiel a uno solo, y lo leo casi que exclusivamente a principios y a finales de año. Ya en el 2005 les conté de él, y de lo que me deparaba para el 2006. Asusta un poco saber que tan preciso me vaticinó el año:

Vaticinios del 2006: Que me iba a enamorar desesperadamente entre enero y marzo: Check. Pueden leer las historias de ojos café por esos meses.

Que iba a cambiar de trabajo en marzo: me fui de la agencia de viajes a trabajar en una de esas multinacionales que es más una maquila tecnológica, pero que a pesar de todo, le agradezco varios viajes y un cambio de perspectiva de vida. Fue ahí que decidí que no quería hacer eso el resto de mi vida. Excepto por lo de viajar.

Que iba a quemar puentes por ahí en Diciembre, y que habría una mudanza posiblemente de país: en diciembre decidí renunciar, empaqué mis cosas y para enero del 2007 estaba acá en Medellín.

El horóscopo del 2007 también fue erizantemente acertado. Lo puse después del salto para los curiosos. Básicamente el consejo fue que iba a ser un año de redescubrirme, de sentir que los caminos de la vida no eran satisfactorios, que necesitaba cambios. Que sería difícil, pero que confiara. Y eso hice.

Habla de viajes, por trabajo y por placer, y los hice, 3 internacionales. Habla de que tendría la necesidad de hacer contribuciones sociales: Rising Voices se me viene a la mente. Cierra con esta joya:

Work that motivates your
ideals will capture your undivided attention. Because you are
optimistic, idealistic and high-minded, you will find the career change
you make gives you the freedom, adventure and personal satisfaction
you've been seeking.

Entonces les cuento, acá escondido para que solo los fieles lectores que leen y se aguantan estos postes largos lo lean:

Mi nuevo trabajo es blogueando. Es un trabajo bien pagado, internacional, desde mi casa. Y lo que tengo que hacer es bloguear. Y me pagan. Blog. Pago.

En esta vida CLARO que se puede soñar, y los sueños también se cumplen.

Así que después del salto, les dejo con el horóscopo del 2007 para que quede como registro. El del 2008 también, más para mi que para ustedes.

OVERVIEW: Motivation and hard work will help you recreate your life,
giving you new opportunities in your career this year. Change is in the
air. Go forward and walk through the doorways that life is opening for
you. The positive energy you have cultivated will pay off in big ways.
Work has always been very important, but you may start feeling some
confinement or restriction in your freedom to be who you want to be.

While you are in the process of enhancing your career, take stock of
yourself and reconnect with your roots and what you want to achieve. A
new cycle of blessings is on its way and your life will be totally
transformed. You'll know instinctively what it is that will give you the
balance and connectedness you need to make the right choices. A new
relationship coming your way will really perk up your interest as well.
Get out that swimsuit and get ready to spend some exotic moments in the
sun with the new person you're attracting into your life. You will be
getting out of the house more and a surprising change of focus will be
take place. The home you have created is nurturing and gives you a place
to retreat. The relaxing atmosphere helps you feel secure.

You have a wonderful chance to explore far away places this year. You
could travel to locations that stimulate your emotions and bring you to
a new level of happiness. Go for it! You will be supported financially
and these opportunities will transform your life in ways that you've
never imagined. Stretching your spirit will encourage a complete
metamorphosis in your life.

CAREER: Fiery Aries definitely will feel motivated to make a social
contribution to society this year. With your wonderful leadership
skills, your career is guided by drive, stamina and commitment.
Achievement and recognition are important to you. You have what it takes
to become famous for your contributions to society, and you just may
attain that goal soon! No doubt, you will be working toward ambitious
professional aspirations and will realize your true source of personal

You will feel a need to serve your high expectations in 2007. You will
be cautious in advancing to the top of a new opportunity coming your
way. You may feel a need to rush into things to make the necessary
changes, but it is important that you channel your abundant energy
constructively so that your need to be active doesn't drain you. You
have quite a pioneering spirit and are willing to tackle any project
that comes your way. You forge ahead, and yet towards the beginning of
summer, you need a break from focusing so much on your present job. You
may start feeling a need to go in a new direction.

Opportunities will manifest in ways you never even dreamed of You may
get the chance to travel both for work and for pleasure. By the end of
the year, you will be working smarter rather than harder, and will be
much more practical in how you spend your time. Work that motivates your
ideals will capture your undivided attention. Because you are
optimistic, idealistic and high-minded, you will find the career change
you make gives you the freedom, adventure and personal satisfaction
you've been seeking.

LOVE: This year, love will become as much of a focus as your career.
You're ready for solid change and fresh love in your life. You like to
please everybody and should beware of a tendency to be all things to all
people. You are the soul of courtesy, and are gracefully elegant in
manner, a visionary personality with altruistic ideals. You are popular,
and may have a wide circle of friends. On the other hand, you may have
problems, such as deception in friendships or confusion regarding a
friend's true motives.

Your social sense is highly developed and you have a tremendous and
positive vision of your own possibilities and those for society at
large. You have a realization this year to seek more emotional security
for yourself, independent of your partnership. Having an intimate
relationship is important to you, and near autumn it looks as if a
perfect partner is in your life. You've been dreaming for quite some
time to have that one special person in your life. You have a great
capacity for joy and love, which expresses itself in acts of caring and
giving to others.

Make sure you don't miss any opportunities to go out and have fun this
year. During the summer, you will be having the time of your life,
playfully doing things with that special someone. You and your new
sweetie will enjoy adventures and possibly spend time traveling together
to places you've always wanted to see. Being close to your partner in a
creative way will bring you all the love you've been longing for.


OVERVIEW: New opportunities arise this year, resulting in a positive turn for your career. You will learn to master your energy to meet your goals. You are good at taking leadership, and you'll make deep, transforming changes and tap into this abundant energy in new and dynamic ways. Even though you may feel pulled to accomplish great things, you will still be able to keep balance in your personal life and your energy alive and renewed.

Amidst this change, you will be able to remain mentally focused. You may become more methodical and practical than usual in managing your responsibilities. Stopping to think things through carefully will impact you and your surroundings in a very profound and positive way. Seize the opportunity to think things through during the first few months of the year. Even though you enjoy beginning new projects, make the time to relax a bit to complement your natural tendency toward activity, both physical and otherwise.

As you successfully achieve your career goals this year, it will be important to maintain a watchful eye over the security of your family life. You may find yourself doing some remodeling in your home and you will take pleasure in spending more time and energy enjoying the creature comforts you have created. You will cultivate good relationships through the end of the year, which will reflect positive changes in your life. Your will enjoy socializing more than usual. You will be networking and connecting with different types of people from all over the world and it will feel like a breath of fresh air. As your career takes off, it will be much easier than usual to express yourself with warmth and charm.

CAREER: Because of major shifts in your long term plans of career, luck and good fortune will definitely smile upon you in this area of your life and you will be rewarded for all your hard work. New avenues of expression and opportunities will open up and you will definitely feel support, inner strength and courage.

The time has come for a fresh start, formulate plans to get back on track and make the necessary decisions. You will experience deep philosophical changes around work and career that cause you to reevaluate your present situation and motivate you to make choices on the best path to follow. You will find support to be able to communicate with clarity and purpose in defining yourself and your needs.

You already possess an active and dynamic will, but this year especially brings in an abundant amount of energy to support your contemplating beginning new projects. You are very capable in accomplishing what you set out to do and the stars shine brightly to support any changes you decide to make. Your success will carve out a beautiful path of recognition and a positive reputation. Staying on target with your goals should be easy as you easily and effortlessly climb up to the top of your goals achieving great success as you learn new ways to express your strong determination to succeed. As you focus your powerful energy on work issues, you will feel a strong need to balance your energy to maintain a healthy home. By the end of summer, work should be a little less hectic and you will not have to work quite as hard to attain results in your career.

LOVE: You might be feeling the need to give more of yourself to have your own needs met in this relationship. You may find some existing associations may change in some way. Perhaps frustrations that have been building over time will come to a head, or the relationship may transform itself utterly by ending.

You will feel comfortable and will like the idea of being with this person in a long-term commitment and get more of your personal needs met in your home arena. Many of your prayers will be answered. You like being in love and the idea of nesting, having children and a family, and may want to settle down in a new way that you never felt possible before.

As you see more of a serious benefit of having a love partnership, you put a lot of energy wondering if this is the right person and will eventually feel a deep peace of mind about being connected more deeply and more personally than ever. Expressing your needs will be very easy and you will feel you have a good balance in your relationship. Financially, this is a good time to tie the knot and you will feel secure in moving forward.

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7 Comentarios:

Blogger Denise dijo...

me voy corriendo a leer el mío!!! :-)

7:04 p. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo dijo...

Pues mil felicitaciones, definitivamente es un trabajo ideal. No creo en la astrología, pero igual ojearé la que recomiendas ... ¿puedo ver el del 2007 a ver si tiene sentido?

10:54 a. m.  
Blogger Jacinta dijo...

Yo también te felicito, ya quisiera un trabajo así también. Y guardaré mi horóscopo para comparar a fin de año, a ver si se me hace lo que dice.
Feliz año.

4:07 p. m.  
Blogger AlejandroAngel dijo...

pues sea por el horoscopo o por las ganas y entusiasmo que le pones al blogueo te felicito... me alegro un monton que puedas trabajar en lo que te gusta y que el 2008 pìnte tan bien...

un abrazote de año nuevo...

10:36 p. m.  
Blogger Denise dijo...

ya lo leí... ahora: felicidades por lo del trabajo, suena genial!!!

5:45 p. m.  
Blogger medea dijo...

patton: me di cuenta q no se puede, por eso los posteo en mi blog y los envío por correo, para tener registro del año anterior

jacinta: gracias! este horóscopo parece ser a mi medida, pero no cumple con otros aries... espero q seas d las afortunadas.

alejandroangel: muchas gracias!

denise: gracias a vos también, y que como jacinta, también seas de las afortunadas.

11:53 p. m.  
Blogger Murasaki dijo...

Jejeje yo ya leí el mío, y no suena nada mal ;)

Aunque yo soy devota de una página que se llama "Astrodienst", me gusta mucho. Y esto de los horóscopos yo lo veo como un estímulo psicológico: tomas lo que te apetece y empiezas a trabajar por ello: si lees cosas que se adaptan a tus deseos, le vas a "poner bonito" para que tus sueños se hagan realidad. Además, es divertido!

Feliz 2008!

10:08 a. m.  

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